I am George Riedl

I am a computer scientist
My project ‚FUSMUSIC‘ I do it as a musician, composer and producer.

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This is me. Work by day & compose by night. I never sleep… almost.

After the album „Curious Times“, which I composed with Oneida James, I wanted to do a new project with new musicians. Oneida James and Norbert Fimpel were also playing with Joe Cocker on his latest „Fire it up“ tour. But they always found time for our work on the album. Through this collaboration with Oneida I have learned a lot in terms of music, arangement, lyrics.

My slogan FUSMUSIC  „forward to the roots of music“ does not come from somewhere. By composing I discovered the old blues of Muddy Waters, Bessie Smith, Willie Hugh Nelson, Buddy Guy and many moore.  R’Roll of course no question. But I’m still looking for „OUR“ style. With our band „SCHOS“ we try to find this style. I also think that the old way of producing music is going to change with the latest techniques in the internet. You are not tied to one place. I have been practicing this for several years.

But what I’m not going to do is music from the assembly line. Behind every song is a lot of feeling and my lyrics describe, among other things, the problems of our damaged planet and its inhabitants.


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Here is a list of things I can do for you. From 2021

Song writing

Composing music, arranging music.
Texts in English and German

Mixing Mastering

The quality of this work meets international standards. Examples of my songs with my band „Schos“. The songs before ..
now I had to learn.


You can order the individual modules. I do not work under time pressure. But you get a thoughtful and professional product. Price by agreement.

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